Thursday, 3 January 2019

MoreVisas Client Feedback and Positive Reviews is Our Strength

MoreVisas Client Feedback and Positive Reviews is Our Strength, often does wonder to the support and inspiration of any business. Specifically, when you are in the industry of immigration, the joy and happiness often doubles. In the industry of immigration, you have to deal with complicated procedures of immigration and guidelines. If victory is achieved after pure hard work, the outcome satisfies you even more. MoreVisas being the leading Immigration Consultant knows it higher than the most.

MoreVisas Client Feedback and Positive Reviews

MoreVisas Client Feedback and Positive Reviews strengthens the whole process and servicing team to perform the best. The results in this view have not been achieved in one day. A complete step-wise process and stringent policy adherence have played a vital role in building MoreVisas as a trusted brand when it appears to Overseas Immigration Consultant services.

MoreVisas Quality Services

When it comes to offering impeccable Overseas immigration service, the important thing is to hold the visa applicant in the loop of everything. The accuracy holds the answer when you are in the process of winning the faith and trust of your clients.

MoreVisas client service team has managed this achievement tremendously, as all its customer give their trust and faith on MoreVisas team for their abroad visa. It has also supported the overcome MoreVisas Complaints to a negligible level across the years.

MoreVisas Client service

MoreVisas Client service perfection has been the notable thing of MoreVisas immigration consultant services in latest several years. Whether it is about the application pre-assessment, assisting the client in the documentation,  filing of visa application, etc., the MoreVisas team always provide the most excellent services to achieve a high success rate of the clients.

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Friday, 19 May 2017

Latest Express Entry Draw Invites 3,687 applicants to apply for Canada PR

The Government of Canada introduced the Express entry draw in Jan 2015.

The recent draw was held on May 17th, 2017. This is the 62nd Draw;
Around 3,687 candidates were invited in this draw to apply to Canada PR.
 The minimum score (Points) that got invited is 415 points.

The IRCC is planning to process the successfully completed submitted applications within 6 months. The applicant family member’s common-law partners or spouses, dependent children are also eligible to come to Canada.

 Compared to the 61st draw the CRS Scores have decreased in this 62nd draw by 7 points. Going forward these points are expected to go further down.

  • Total number of ITAs issued in 2015: 31,063
  • Total number of ITAs issued in 2016: 33,782
  • Total number of ITAs issued in 2017: 43,456
  • Total number of ITAs issued since system was launched: 104,614

If you are interested, then check your eligibility 

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Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Magic of Immigrating to Singapore

 The magic of immigrating to Singapore is not related simply to its fantastic airport - which is truly breathtaking. 

One of the chicest airports in the greater Asian area, the Singapore airport is a world in itself, with ponds, fish, small lakes, and shopping galore. And when that is just the airport, you can only imagine how exquisite the city itself must be! The myriad activities that one can do in the airport expand out into the streets of the city itself, where life is to be embraced and every day is met with excitement and promise. 

Living in or immigrating to a country that embraces life as wholeheartedly as does the Singapore culture, is what makes moving country such an enlightening experience. 

The quality of activities that visitors or residents of Singapore can engage in on any given day is substantial, and the variety of these activities is truly incredible.

Top Activities in Singapore

Bearing in mind the excitement that every day holds when you are in Singapore, do yourself a favor and book yourself in to take a Singapore Night Safari. 

Wild animals not really your thing? Singapore has its own Universal Studios amusement park if you were seeking some mechanical thrills, rather than animal ones. 

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and the National Museum of Singapore, as well as the Changi Museum, are all richly historical spaces that a pensive immigrant can take in the history and culture of the Singapore people and community from throughout its history. 

Singapore boasts of a zoo and a botanical garden and in addition to the natural wonders of this beautiful city, there is shopping galore! Truly, there is something for everyone who should choose to come on a trip to Singapore, and you would do well to look into booking accommodation early since visas get snapped up fast to immigrate to this locale!

Move to Singapore to Expand Your Horizons

Immigrating undoubtedly expands one’s personal comfort zones and horizons, but moving to Singapore is sure to do all this and more.

The magic of the culture of this glorious city and the tremendous amount of activities that there are to do each day in this pristine metropolis means you will never feel quite ready to leave this glorious city.

Whether you immigrate solo, as a student, or with a tour group, you would do well to make sure you put Singapore on the list of places you definitely need to see during your lifetime. The move will be well worth it.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Does MoreVisas Thrive on Fraud or Scams?

Does MoreVisas Thrive on Fraud or Scams? 

If you thought “fraud”… from the perspective of a frustrated employee (or a deranged rival) then this is for you!!! 

I think its human mentality to “look” for flaws in everything because we are conditioned to believe that nothing and nobody are perfect. Rightfully so! In that case, no business is perfect as it is continuously evolving and growing and there are bound to be hiccups. However, to say that a company thrives on fraud or scams is just plain spiteful…and ignorant! 

Let me give you an example. You plan on going to a restaurant. Can you guarantee that you will get good food or good service on that specific day??? No right. If you do receive good food and excellent service, you might or might not leave a review on “Zomato”, but God forbid you don’t receive good food or good service, then you will definitely leave a “detailed review” lambasting the brand/restaurant, with your complete name and the particulars of the food you had and the waiter’s name as well. Now THAT is a legitimate concern by an authentic person

When someone leaves a nasty review online, without any strong foundation or genuine cause for concern, it proves that the person(s) is/are doing so just with the intention of purely harming the name of a company or its representatives out of hostility (or hormone management issues!!!). Think about it for a minute…if MoreVisas really did commit fraud or scammed people by promising them the moon, we’d have been in serious trouble by now! Any individual who pays INR 30 to 70 thousand per service will not take bad service lightly. If we as a company screwed up, we’d be accountable to thousands of clients! 

So where are our clients today??? 

They are settled in their preferred countries with our help...

or they are still in the process. 

And where are the “real frauds”???

They are safe behind their computer screens, writing inaccurate reviews with no real name, no real picture, no client ID, and no details of anything legitimate whatsoever!

So we (MoreVisas) are still here. 

And we will continue to be here for a long time to come. Doing what we do best - Delivering excellent and credible client service and being trusted by clients worldwide! 

* d r o p s   m i c r o p h o n e   a n d   f a d e s   i n t o   a w e s o m e n e s s *

Monday, 30 January 2017

MoreVisas Fraud Or Not??

"MoreVisas looks more like a fraud company"…Happy???

Now that the distracters are happy and will not even care to read further, let’s get into a serious note of answering whether it is a fraud company or not!

What makes a company a fraud or a scamster? Let’s leave MoreVisas aside. The measureable parameters are pretty similar in all companies – the service, the product, the price and its deliverability. MoreVisas…with more than a decade into the immigration business and having the highest standards set over the last 10 years, is accredited by immigration authorities wherever required. It has a visa success rate of around 45,000 odd over the last decade. With basic math, that comes to over 450 visas every month. Looks huge, but it is obvious that these numbers include visit visas, student visas, family visas etc… which are generic. But if we even take10% of these as PR (or Permanent Residency), then we are literally talking about more than ONE PR every day!!!

So, is MoreVisas Fraud or Not?

They have an impeccable office network of 20 odd offices in INDIA, with around a 1000 employees nationwide… a number which is poorly projected as just 20 per office, by agents who say a lot but cannot prove any data.

Some say our client successes are fake. So let’s assume they are ACTUALLY FAKE!!!
Then if all the successes are fake, why is it that the company is still able to run its operations uninterrupted? So all the unsuccessful clients…where are they?Now you’ll know - they are exactly behind those fake reviews that they write and do not have the nerve of providing the exact details of an issue. Whereas the positive reviews have all the complete details!

So…again….is MoreVisas Fake?

And because every individual has a brain & a conscience… and is not foolish to assume that all the successes are fake and all the distracters real, we reckon that MoreVisas is the best that an immigrant can get. 

Friday, 16 September 2016

MoreVisas Review - A very helpful and genuine immigration consultants.

A very helpful and genune immigration consultants. Excellent services by morevisas mainly i need to thank nagaraju for giving me a wonderful assistance e cleared all my queries related to dubai travel visa and he also assisted me in all the required documents need to be carried thanks nagaraju for your assistance and thanks a lot for morevisas

Friday, 5 February 2016

Qualifying tips for US Student Visa

During every academic year, a number of foreign students are applying for study in US every year, either for work or for education. In this regard, visa is considered as the key document for every student to enter legally into another country for the purpose of studying. The morevisas application process is very long as well as tedious and morevisas are less prone to morevisas consumer complaints.

It’s important to get sufficient amount of time in order to collect all the necessary documents so that you can get your visa ready within the deadline period. If you are not aware of visa processing, then it’s better to consult US visa lawyer in order to ensure that your application is submitted effectively and efficiently.

Reasons to opt for US student visa 

If anyone aspires to get US student visa. There are plenty of reasons:
  • One of the well-known reasons to opt for American education is because of its excellence and quality education. Some of the best and prestigious schools in US give admission only for best student across the world. Anyone pursuing higher education in US is believed to get a good career at the later stages.
  • Financial assistance is the other major reason to choose US education system. Most of the universities in US aid students financially by providing those loans and stipends. The loan and stipend provided cover both tuition fees as well as their expenses.
  • Lastly, a job is the major reason which attracts a number of students towards the US. Upon completion of education, most students probably look for education there itself as the US provides wide opportunities for talented students.

Eligibility criteria for US student visa know more from morevisas hyderabad reviews

Any student aspiring to study in the United States must apply for F-1 visa. In this regard, there are a number of qualifications that a student must meet to get study visa granted. So, it becomes essential to through reviews and morevisas consumer complaints.

Below are listed with certain eligibility requirements that you can expect while applying for US student visa:
  • You must be enrolled in any educational institution in the US as a full-time student.
  • You must be qualified for US educational institution.
  • High level of proficiency in English is mandatory.
  • Residential proof 

It’s quite difficult for the students to prove that they don’t have any intend to immigrate to the US permanently. They must be capable of showing that; they do have sufficient ties to their own nation which gives them the motivation to remain in the US even after completion of studies. 

Know more about F-1 visa 

In fact, applying for an F-1 student visa is quite confusing as well as complex, particularly for the people who don’t possess fluent English. To overcome this issue, make sure to consult an immigration lawyer to see to it that your visa application is filled properly.

To know more about the F-1 visa application process, visit the official website of US immigration center. Prior to applying check for the morevisas hyderabad reviews and then proceed ahead.